Virus infects US air force drones

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Analysis

A computer virus has infected a network used by pilots who control US air force drones, according to Wired magazine.

The spyware, which captures the strokes on a keyboard, has so far resisted efforts to remove it from the computers at Creech air force base in Nevada, where pilots remotely fly Predator and Reaper drones in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Although there has been no confirmed reports that classified data had been stolen, it is currently uncertain whether the virus was placed their deliberately or has accidentally infected the networks.

Wired magazine quoted a source as saying that they think the virus is benign, but they cannot yet be sure.

‘We keep wiping it off, and it keeps coming back,’ the source continued.

Online security expert Kaspersky Lab recently announced the launch of new security software, Endpoint 8, which is a centrally managed protection suite for businesses. The software is backed by a global intelligence network, which uses cloud-based security for real-time protection.

10/10/2011 BCS


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