Another United Nations Web Site Hacked

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Analysis

Hackers of Team Sector 404 have breached the Spanish Web site for the United Nations Refugee Agency ACNUR. Group claims to be working with Anonymous. Hackers was able to breach site withSQL Injection vulnerability.
They leaked Barack Obama’s email address, username, password (not in clear text), personal phone number and a login ID as shown. Other individuals whose information was leaked are Dirk Wildt from Die Netzmacher and Schaffstein from a non-profit organization called TYPO3 .Info of Other United Nation members also leaked from database.

The team of hackers include PHANTOM, RAWR, IO93, V, ZD4P50N, SPECTRUS, ANONGUS, FIBO,HACKW32, ADREX,NEKA, JJ, & ESCUADRON SPY PEOPLE Y HACKERSMX219 involve in this Hack as Sector 404.


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