Apple Crash Reports Help Hackers to create a jailbreak exploit

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Vulnerabilities

iPhone “jailbreaking” has been a hot topic since Apple released its smartphone more than two years ago. According to the Latest report posted by BBC that Thousands of iPhone owners have joined forces with a team of hackers to help them find new ways to jailbreak Apple’s phone software & Jailbreakers use Apple crash reports to unlock iPhones.

You may be wondering and hearing alot on “What Is Jailbreaking an Iphone? How do you do that?” Jailbreaking is basically modifying the iPhone’s firmware so that you can get access to the internals of its operating system and install a whole slew of third-party applications on your iPhone that are not otherwise available through official channels.Jailbreaking your iPhone in and of itself doesn’t normally make much difference in your operation of it, but it does allow you to install other third-party applications that are not blessed by Apple.
A collective of hackers known as the iPhone Dev-Team publishes easy-to-use, cross-platform tools that allow you to install third-party apps on your iPhone that Apple won’t admit into its App Store. The latest version of the iPhone’s operating system is proving to be extremely hard to jailbreak fully, according to Joshua Hill, a member of the Chronic Dev hacker team.”Apple is really making it tough for us. The iPhone is now better protected than most nuclear missile facilities,” he says.
Jailbreaking your iOS device also enables you to change your phone’s behavior and even add some nifty extra features. One such feature that Apple prohibited was FaceTime or any demanding data tasks over 3G.

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