Failed to install kaspersky internet security 2012 in windows 8 developer preview

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Analysis

Mainly because 8 isn’t even at the Beta Stage but at the Prerelease stage so that Developers can play with it and Develop Apps for it.

8 isn’t meant to be Secure or even work that well right at this point in time and anything other than Security Essentials which itself may not even work on 8 would be the only thing I would try to add to it for some sort of Security.

Of course if you are a developer MS will give you the basics of what needs to be rewritten in the current release of Kaspersky to allow it to work on 8 and then you can set about rewriting the software so that it will work. Ewen though it will not be specific Information for this desired software MS will tell you what works differently in 8 and what is required to allow your app to work. With the current Release I would expect a complete rewrite being required to work on 8. Till it’s hit the Beta Stage I can not see any Software Maker devoting so much time & effort to such a big job for some thing that is very likely to be changed anyway.

Though to be perfectly honest what works today may very well not work on the Beta Version or the RTM Version of 8. There are going to be many changes between now and when it gets released.

With 7 when it went to the RTM Stage they where still finding 5,000 problems per day that needed fixing. At the Stage that 8 is currently at there should be many more issues that are being found with it at the moment.


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