Apple’s Java Update Released the Same Day as Oracle’s Java Updates

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Analysis, Vulnerabilities
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In what many are hoping will be a precedent-setting achievement, Apple released a Java update for Mac OS X on the same day that Oracle released updates for Java in Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Apple issued two separate updates – one for OS X 10.7 and another for OS X 10.6 – to fix 11 vulnerabilities in each edition. The Oracle updates for other operating systems address 14 vulnerabilities. Two of the flaws that Oracle’s updates addressed do not pertain to Java for Apple; it is unclear why the third issue was not addressed in the Apple update.

Earlier this year, Apple’s habit of waiting weeks after Oracle updated Java to issue its own updates for its OSes caused problems when attackers exploited a Java flaw that was patched in other versions to infect Apple machines with the Flashback malware.


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