Posted: June 3, 2013 in Analysis

Finally after 3 long Years, Our favorite weapon of choice got an update. A lot of fixes and improvements on all tools and documentation have been made.In addation few new tools and scripts including distributed cracking tool are also included.The Complete change log can be viewed below.

Complete Aircrack-ng Changelog Version 1.2 beta 1
Version 1.2-beta1 (changes from aircrack-ng 1.1) – Released 25 May 2013:

Airmon-ng: Added chipset information for ar9170usb, wl, rt2800usb, ar9271, wl12xx, RT3070STA, ath9k_htc, r871x_usb_drv, ath5k, carl9170 and various Intel drivers.
Airmon-ng: Fixed chipset information ipw2200.
Airmon-ng: Fixed output for r8187 driver.
Airmon-ng: Improved chipset information for a few drivers.
Airmon-ng: Support for displaying information about ath9k.
Airmon-ng: Added ‘check kill’ to automatically kill services that could interfere.
Airmon-ng: Fixed issues with Intel chipsets detection.
Airmon-ng: Updated iw download link.
Airmon-ng: Better mac80211 handling
Airmon-ng: Added detection for WiLink TI driver, rtl819xU, iwlwifi.
Airmon-zc: Improved version of Airmon-ng with more detailled information.
Airdecap-ng: Fixed decoding QoS frames (Closes: #667 and #858).
Airgraph-ng: Use Aircrack-ng Makefile instead of its own.
Airbase-ng: Fixed bug using clients list.
Airbase-ng: Fixed issue with QoS (ticket #760).
Airbase-ng: Fixed sending beacons with null SSID.
Airbase-ng: Allow non ASCII ESSID
Airodump-ng: Fixed buffer overflow (ticket #728).
Airodump-ng: Fixed channel parsing.
Airodump-ng: Fixed FreeBSD battery reading.
Airodump-ng: Renamed “Packets” column to “Frames” (“Packets” was not correct).
Airodump-ng: Fixed XML bugs when outputting NetXML: ESSID containing ‘&’ or chinese characters, when multiple encryption are used.
Airodump-ng: Add alternative paths for Airodump-ng OUI file.
Airodump-ng: Added GPSd 2.92+ support (JSON).
Airodump-ng: Add option –manufacturer to display manufacturer column on airodump-ng.
Airodump-ng: Add feature to show APs uptime (–uptime) based on the timestamp.
Airodump-ng-OUI-update: Fixed OUI URL and allow CURL redirect (ticket #829).
Airdrop-ng: removed .py from file names.
Airdrop-ng: Fixed bug in installer.
Airdrop-ng: Fixed OUI lookup.
Airdrop-ng: Fixed bug when several BSSID have the same ESSID.
Airdrop-ng: Doesn’t constantly parse anymore, wait 5 seconds each time it parses.
Airdrop-ng: Fixed crash when failing to get channel or when rules file didn’t exist.
Airdrop-ng: Fixed to use libs.
Airdrop-ng: Updated README.
Airdrop-ng: Fixed error preventing update to work.
Versuck-ng: New script to do the same thing as the kismet autowep plugin from the CLI.
Aircrack-ng: Fixed counter display error when cracking WPA.
Aircrack-ng: Added output of the WPA handshake to EWSA project file.
Aircrack-ng: Added output of the WPA handshake to oclhashcat+ project file.
Aircrack-ng: Added benchmark option, -S.
Aircrack-ng: Fixed -u option.
Aircrack-ng: PIC fix for hardened systems from Francisco Blas Izquierdo Riera (klondike)
Aircrack-ng: Allow dictionaries larger than 2Gb.
Aircrack-ng: Give a better message when there’s an error with the dictionary.
Aircrack-ng: Prevent a buffer overflow from happening (Wojciech Waga).
Aireplay-ng: Added migration mode attack from Leandro Meiners and Diego Sor from Core Security (BlackHat Las Vegas 2010)
Aireplay-ng, Airodump-ng: Added option to ignore issue with -1 channel.
Airserv-ng: Fixed crash when clients disconnect.
Besside-ng-crawler: Added EAPOL Crawler.
Airdecloak-ng: Fixed bug when using pcap files with PPI headers.
dcrack: Distributed cracking server/client reference script for testing wifi card detection using iwconfig vs ls /sys/class/net
WPA Clean: Tool to merge and clean WPA capture files.
Wireless Panda: C# Library to parse Airodump-ng output files (and added example project).
OSdep (Linux): Setting fixed bitrates on mac80211 2.6.31 and up.
OSdep (Linux): Added support for nl80211 thanks to impulse32. Use ‘make libnl=true’ to add netlink support (Ticket #1004).
Manpages: Improvement and fixes for Airgraph-ng, Airodump-ng, packetforge-ng, Aircrack-ng
Manpages: Fixed various spelling issues and single quote issues.
Makefiles: Added tests for the different tools.
Makefiles: Various fixes and improvements.
Makefiles: Added support for libgrypt instead of OpenSSL via parameter.
Patches: Added a few patches.
Removed useless script: patchchk.
Finally fixed licensing issues.
Fixed endianness issues in most of the tools.
Fixed cppcheck errors (Ticket #957).
Fixed various compilation issues on Linux and Cygwin, GNU/Hurd, Darwin (OSX) and Sparc.
Fixed compilation on recent gcc versions on Linux, Cygwin.
Added instructions for Travis CI: Free Hosted Continuous Integration Platform for the Open Source Community.
Various other small bug fixes.

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