Linux Malware “Hand Of A Thief” Is Targeting User’s Bank Accounts

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Analysis
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Hand of a Thief is a new malware in the world of Linux operating systems that’s targeting user’s bank accounts. According AVAST antivirus, the malware is a Linux Trojan that was first discovered on August 7th by RSA researchers and was named ‘Hand Of Thief’. This trojan is quite interesting – first it’s targeting only Linux operating systems (about 15 different flavors) and second, it’s targeting bank accounts of the affected users. Security experts found out that the trojan is capable of gaining back-door entry on Linux specific browsers and can grab data entered in forms. In addition, it’s equipped with anti-virtualization and anti-monitoring techniques. The level of sophistication of this malware has surprised the security experts and it can be compared to the infamous FlashBack trojan that affected Apple’s OSX installations and Obad for Android in the recent times.

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Linux operating system, has been designed to offer high level of security for mission critical applications and even to the normal users. However, in the recent times, there were several attacks, or at least attempts, to gain access to the user computers. It looks like most of the malware was targeting sensitive information like banking credentials on compromised systems. Linux users should be aware of this trojan.

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